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"Tất cả các lệnh tắt cảu AutoCAD = Tiếng Việt"

10/04/2011 11:03Top#91

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NAVSMOTION Displays the ShowMotion interface

NAVSMOTIONCLOSE Closes the ShowMotion interface

NAVSWHEEL Displays the SteeringWheels

NAVVCUBE Controls the visibility and display properties of the ViewCube

NETLOAD Loads a .NET application

NEW Creates a new drawing

NEWSHEETSET Creates a new sheet set

NEWSHOT Creates a named view with motion that is played back when viewed with ShowMotion.

NEWVIEW Creates a named view with no motion


OBJECTSCALE Adds or deletes supported scales for annotative objects

OFFSET Creates concentric circles, parallel lines, and parallel curves

OLELINKS Updates, changes, and cancels existing OLE links

OLESCALE Controls the size, scale, and other properties of a selected OLE object

OOPS Restores erased objects

OPEN Opens an existing drawing file

OPENDWFMARKUP Opens a DWF or DWFx file that contains markups

OPENSHEETSET Opens a selected sheet set

OPTIONS Customizes the program settings

ORTHO Constrains cursor movement to the horizontal or vertical direction

OSNAP Sets running object snap modes


PAGESETUP Controls the page layout, plotting device, paper size, and other settings for each new layout

PAN Moves the view in the current viewport

PARTIALOAD Loads additional geometry into a partially opened drawing

PARTIALOPEN Loads geometry and named objects from a selected view or layer into a drawing

PASTEASHYPERLINK Inserts data from the Clipboard as a hyperlink

PASTEBLOCK Pastes copied objects as a block

PASTECLIP Inserts data from the Clipboard

PASTEORIG Pastes a copied object in a new drawing using the coordinates from the original drawing

PASTESPEC Inserts data from the Clipboard and controls the format of the data

PCINWIZARD Displays a wizard to import PCP and PC2 configuration file plot settings into the Model tab or current layout

PEDIT Edits polylines and 3D polygon meshes

PFACE Creates a three-dimensional polyface mesh vertex by vertex

PLAN Displays the plan view of a specified user coordinate system

PLANESURF Creates a planar surface

PLINE Creates a 2D polyline

PLOT Plots a drawing to a plotter, printer, or file

PLOTSTAMP Places a plot stamp on a specified corner of each drawing and logs it to a file

PLOTSTYLE Sets the current plot style for new objects or assigns a plot style to selected objects

PLOTTERMANAGER Displays the Plotter Manager, where you can add or edit a plotter configuration

PNGOUT Saves selected objects to a file in a Portable Network Graphics format

POINT Creates a point object

POINTLIGHT Creates a point light

POLYGON Creates an equilateral closed polyline

POLYSOLID Creates a 3D wall-likepolysolid

PRESSPULL Presses or pulls bounded areas

PREVIEW Shows how the drawing will look when it is plotted

PROPERTIES Controls properties of existing objects

PROPERTIESCLOSE Closes the Properties palette

PSETUPIN Imports a user-defined page setup into a new drawing layout

PSPACE Switches from a model space viewport to paper space

PUBLISH Publishes drawings to DWF or DWFx files or plotters

PUBLISHTOWEB Creates HTML pages that include images of selected drawings

PURGE Removes unused named items, such as block definitions and layers, from the drawing

PYRAMID Creates a 3D solid pyramid


QCCLOSE Closes QuickCalc

QDIM Quickly creates a series of dimensions from selected objects

QLEADER Creates a leader and leader annotation

QNEW Starts a new drawing with the option of using a default drawing template file

QSAVE Saves the current drawing using the file format specified in the Options dialog box

QSELECT Creates a selection set based on filtering criteria

QTEXT Controls the display and plotting of text and attribute objects

QUICKCALC Opens the QuickCalc calculator

QUICKCUI Displays the Customize User Interface dialog box in a collapsed state

QUIT Exits the program

QVDRAWING Displays open drawings and layouts in a drawing in preview images

QVDRAWINGCLOSE Closes preview images of open drawings and layouts in a drawing

QVLAYOUT Displays preview images of model space and layouts in a drawing

QVLAYOUTCLOSE Closes preview images of model space and layouts in a drawing


RAY Creates a line that starts at a point and continues to infinity

RECOVER Repairs a damaged drawing

RECOVERALL Repairs a damaged drawing and xrefs

RECTANG Creates a rectangular polyline

REDEFINE Restores AutoCAD internal commands overridden by UNDEFINE

REDO Reverses the effects of previous UNDO or U command

REDRAW Refreshes the display in the current viewport

REDRAWALL Refreshes the display in all viewports

REFCLOSE Saves back or discards changes made during in-place editing of a reference (an xref or a block)

REFEDIT Selects an external reference or block reference for editing

REFSET Adds or removes objects from a working set during in-place editing of a reference (an xref or a block)

REGEN Regenerates the entire drawing from the current viewport

REGENALL Regenerates the drawing and refreshes all viewports

REGENAUTO Controls automatic regeneration of a drawing

REGION Converts an object that encloses an area into a region object

REINIT Reinitializes the digitizer, digitizer input/output port, and program parameters file

RENAME Changes the names of named objects

RENDER Creates a photorealistic or realistically shaded image of a three-dimensional wireframe or solid model

RENDERCROP Selects a specific region (crop window) in an image for rendering

RENDERENVIRONMENT Provides visual cues for the apparent distance of objects

RENDEREXPOSURE Provides settings to interactively adjust the global lighting for the most recent rendered output

RENDERPRESETS Specifies render presets, reusable rendering parameters, for rendering an image

RENDERWIN Displays the Render Window without invoking a render task

RENDSCR Obsolete

RESETBLOCK Resets one or more dynamic block references to the default values of the block definition

RESUME Continues an interrupted script

REVCLOUD Creates a revision cloud using a polyline

REVOLVE Creates a 3D solid or surface by sweeping a 2D object around an axis

REVSURF Creates a revolved mesh about a selected axis

RIBBON Opens the ribbon window

RIBBONCLOSE Closes the ribbon window

RMAT Obsolete

ROTATE Rotates objects around a base point

ROTATE3D Moves objects about a three-dimensional axis

RPREF Displays the Advanced Render Settings palette for access to advanced rendering settings

RPREFCLOSE Closes the Render Settings palette if it is displayed

RSCRIPT Repeats a script file

RULESURF Creates a ruled mesh between two curves


SAVE Saves the drawing under the current file name or a specified name

SAVEAS Saves a copy of the current drawing under a new file name

SAVEIMG Saves a rendered image to a file

SCALE Enlarges or reduces selected objects, keeping the proportions of the object the same after scaling

SCALELISTEDIT Controls the list of scales available for layout viewports, page layouts, and plotting

SCALETEXT Enlarges or reduces selected text objects without changing their locations

SCRIPT Executes a sequence of commands from a script file

SECTION Uses the intersection of a plane and solids to create a region

SECTIONPLANE Creates a section object that acts as a cutting plane through a 3D object

SECURITYOPTIONS Controls security settings using the Security Options dialog box

SELECT Places selected objects in the Previous selection set

SETBYLAYER Changes the property overrides of selected objects to ByLayer

SETIDROPHANDLER Specifies the default type of i-drop content for the current Autodesk application

SETUV Obsolete

SETVAR Lists or changes the values of system variables

SHADEMODE Starts the VSCURRENT command

SHAPE Inserts a shape from a shape file that has been loaded using LOAD

SHEETSET Opens the Sheet Set Manager

SHEETSETHIDE Closes the Sheet Set Manager

SHELL Accesses operating system commands

SHOWMAT Obsolete

SHOWPALETTES Restores the display of hidden palettes

SIGVALIDATE Displays information about the digital signature attached to a file

SKETCH Creates a series of freehand line segments

SLICE Slices a solid with a plane or surface

SNAP Restricts cursor movement to specified intervals

SOLDRAW Generates profiles and sections in viewports created with SOLVIEW

SOLID Creates solid-filled triangles and quadrilaterals

SOLIDEDIT Edits faces and edges of 3D solid objects

SOLPROF Creates profile images of three-dimensional solids in paper space

SOLVIEW Creates layout viewports using orthographic projection to lay out multi- and sectional view drawings of 3D solids and body objects

SPACETRANS Calculates equivalent model space and paper space lengths in a layout

SPELL Checks spelling in a drawing

SPHERE Creates a 3D solid sphere

SPLINE Creates a smooth curve that passes through or near selected points

SPLINEDIT Edits a spline or spline-fit polyline

SPOTLIGHT Creates a spotlight

STANDARDS Manages the association of standards files with drawings.

STATUS Displays drawing statistics, modes, and extents

STLOUT Stores a solid in an ASCII or binary file

STRETCH Stretches objects crossed by a selection window or polygon

STYLE Creates, modifies, or specifies text styles

STYLESMANAGER Displays the Plot Style Manager

SUBTRACT Combines selected 3D solids or 2D regions by subtraction

SUNPROPERTIES Opens the Sun Properties window and sets the properties of the sun

SUNPROPERTIESCLOSE Closes the Sun Properties window

SWEEP Creates a 3D solid or surface by sweeping a 2D object along a path

SYSWINDOWS Arranges windows and icons when the application window is shared with external applications


TABLE Creates an empty table object

TABLEDIT Edits text in a table cell

TABLEEXPORT Exports data from a table object in CSV file format

TABLESTYLE Creates, modifies, or specifies table styles

TABLET Calibrates, configures, and turns on and off an attached digitizing tablet

TABSURF Creates a tabulated mesh from a path curve and a direction vector

TARGETPOINT Creates a target point light

TASKBAR Controls how drawings are displayed on the Windows taskbar

TEXT Creates a single-line text object

TEXTSCR Opens the text window

TEXTTOFRONT Brings text and dimensions in front of all other objects in the drawing

THICKEN Creates a 3D solid by thickening a surface

TIFOUT Saves selected objects to a file in TIFF file format

TIME Displays the date and time statistics of a drawing

TINSERT Inserts a block in a table cell

TOLERANCE Creates geometric tolerances contained in a feature control frame

TOOLBAR Displays, hides, and customizes toolbars

TOOLPALETTES Opens the Tool Palettes window

TOOLPALETTESCLOSE Closes the Tool Palettes window

TORUS Creates a donut-shaped 3D solid

TPNAVIGATE Displays a specified tool palette or palette group

TRACE Creates solid lines

TRANSPARENCY Controls whether background pixels in a bitonal image are transparent or opaque

TRAYSETTINGS Controls the display of icons and notifications in the status bar tray

TREESTAT Displays information about the drawing"s current spatial index

TRIM Trims objects to meet the edges of other objects


U Reverses the most recent operation

UCS Manages user coordinate systems

UCSICON Controls the visibility and placement of the UCS icon

UCSMAN Manages defined user coordinate systems

UNDEFINE Allows an application-defined command to override an internal command

UNDO Reverses the effect of commands

UNION Combines selected 3D solids or 2D regions by addition

UNITS Controls coordinate and angle display formats and precision

UPDATEFIELD Manually updates fields in selected objects in the drawing

UPDATETHUMBSNOW Manually updates thumbnail previews for sheets, sheet views, and model space views in the Sheet Set Manager; and thumbnail previews for drawings and layouts in Quick View.


VBAIDE Displays the Visual Basic Editor

VBALOAD Loads a global VBA project into the current work session

VBAMAN Loads, unloads, saves, creates, embeds, and extracts VBA projects

VBARUN Runs a VBA macro

VBASTMT Executes a VBA statement at the AutoCAD command prompt

VBAUNLOAD Unloads a global VBA project

VIEW Saves and restores named views, camera views, layout views, and preset views

VIEWGO Restores a named view

VIEWPLAY Plays the animation associated to a named view

VIEWPLOTDETAILS Displays information about completed plot and publish jobs

VIEWRES Sets the resolution for objects in the current viewport

VISUALSTYLES Creates and modifies visual styles and applies a visual style to a viewport

VISUALSTYLESCLOSE Closes the Visual Styles Manager

VLISP Displays the Visual LISP interactive development environment (IDE)

VPCLIP Clips viewport objects and reshapes the viewport border

VPLAYER Sets layer visibility within viewports

VPMAX Expands the current layout viewport for editing

VPMIN Restores the current layout viewport

VPOINT Sets the viewing direction for a three-dimensional visualization of the drawing

VPORTS Creates multiple viewports in model space or paper space

VSCURRENT Sets the visual style in the current viewport

VSLIDE Displays an image slide file in the current viewport

VSSAVE Saves a visual style

VTOPTIONS Displays a change in view as a smooth transition


WALKFLYSETTINGS Specifies walk and fly settings

WBLOCK Writes objects or a block to a new drawing file

WEBLIGHT Creates a web light

WEDGE Creates a 3D solid wedge

WHOHAS Displays ownership information for opened drawing files

WIPEOUT Creates wipeout objects

WMFIN Imports a Windows metafile

WMFOPTS Sets options for WMFIN

WMFOUT Saves objects to a Windows metafile

WORKSPACE Creates, modifies, and saves workspaces and makes a workspace current

WSSAVE Saves a workspace

WSSETTINGS Sets options for workspaces


XATTACH Attaches an external reference to the current drawing

XBIND Binds one or more definitions of named objects in an xref to the current drawing

XCLIP Defines an xref or block clipping boundary and sets the front and back clipping planes

XEDGES Creates wireframe geometry by extracting edges from a 3D solid or surface

XLINE Creates a line of infinite length

XOPEN Opens a selected drawing reference (xref) in a new window

XPLODE Breaks a compound object into its component objects



ZOOM Increases or decreases the apparent size of objects in the current viewport
10/04/2011 11:03Top#92



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ban oi chi dum minh load lenh autocad si ban minh ko xem duoc
10/04/2011 11:03Top#93



Tham gia ngày: 7 năm trước

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Cảm ơn: 0

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trời ơi sao download không được zâỵ bạn ơi?? cho Link khác đi....

cảm ơn bạn nhiều ---cái này hay quá--- ID của mình là: nghiadia_vangem25
10/04/2011 11:03Top#94



Tham gia ngày: 6 năm trước

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Được gửi bởi freewarez [URL=showthread.php?s=654607cf5271ca657032b298d2a7fcc4&p=333755#post333755][/URL]

thân tặng tất cả các bạn yêu thích và cần đến autoCAD, đây là 1 món quà tuyệt vời, toàn bộ lệnh tắt của AutoCAD, các bạn load xuống và giải nén ra file .doc nhé, chúc vui!

Nếu mờ download đc ở link khác thì pm cho mình nhé, thanks nhìu nhìu lắm

Y!ID của mình là z_mio_angelo_z

10/04/2011 11:03Top#95



Tham gia ngày: 7 năm trước

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cam on rat nhieu nhe
10/04/2011 11:03Top#96



Tham gia ngày: 6 năm trước

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Cảm ơn: 0

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cám ơn các bạn nhiều lắm nhé!!
10/04/2011 11:03Top#97

Tham gia ngày: 5 năm trước

Bài viết: 2

Cảm ơn: 0

Được cảm ơn: 0

sao không down được vậy
10/04/2011 11:03Top#98

Tham gia ngày: 5 năm trước

Bài viết: 2

Cảm ơn: 0

Được cảm ơn: 0

toi là sinh vien truong dh kinh te cong nghiep long an , toi la sinh vien nam nhat nen chua biet gi nhieu , toi muon trao doi thong tin qua mang de nang cao chat luong hoc tap cua minh, nhung gi toi biet , toi co the trao doi cung cac ban , toi san sang giup do , vi day la cach tu hoc tot nhat , nhung cac ban co vui long giup toi khong , toi moi hoc autocad , nen chua biet gi nhieu , cac ban biet gi ve autocad , lam on giup toi nhe
10/04/2011 11:03Top#99



Tham gia ngày: 7 năm trước

Bài viết: 2

Cảm ơn: 0

Được cảm ơn: 0


Được gửi bởi freewarez [URL=showthread.php?s=654607cf5271ca657032b298d2a7fcc4&p=333755#post333755][/URL]

thân tặng tất cả các bạn yêu thích và cần đến autoCAD, đây là 1 món quà tuyệt vời, toàn bộ lệnh tắt của AutoCAD, các bạn load xuống và giải nén ra file .doc nhé, chúc vui!

chi cho minh cach dao nhe!
10/04/2011 11:03Top#100



Tham gia ngày: 5 năm trước

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Cảm ơn: 0

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các bạn kiểm tra hộ mình xem link có bị lỗi ko vậy mình click vào ko được ah ( hepl me
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